12 Best Photo editor for Android

If you want to make YouTube videos black thumbnails, website black banners or social media black photo post or remove background of your photo or beautify photo, you want to give it a good effect. These 5 best photo editor apps for Android from mobile phones can be quite useful for you.

There are a lot of photo editors available on the Play Store, not all of them work well, so here are the top 5 best photo editor apps.

12 Best Photo editor for Android

1. Pixomatic Photo Editor

In Pixomatic you can easily remove the background of any photo and then add another background to it, its interface is very simple and it is also easy to remove the background of the same photo.

2. Photo Director

In Photo Director, you can remove any part from the photo, along with photo editing, adjust your photo there to remove someone else’s picture from the Matlab photo. Apart from this, it has the best effects available.

3. FaceTunes

Are you able to edit your face in the app, beautify the skin, do black photoshop editing like smoothing the skin, whitening the teeth, blue eyes or any color, applied to the skin. The stain Exfoliation and its derivatives can have many effects on the skin.

4. Snapseed

Snapseed is a very amazing photo editing app, there are also very good tools available in this, along with blurring the background of the photo, you can remove any hiss from the photo, that too with just one click, me and no one will even know that from the photo. Something has been removed. The best thing about Snapseed is made by Google people.

5. Thumbnail Maker

Thumbnail maker can create professional thumbnails also helps in one click surf, if you already have many different category template available in it you want on facebook cover, youtube thumbnail or web. You can create a professional banner for the entire site

6. Logo maker

What app helps you to create your brand logo easily, there are many designs already available in different categories, you don’t have to work hard, party and you can create a professional logo of your brand. are without any question.

7. PicsArt

PicsArt is a popular photo editor, and you’re already in heaven, you can do professional photo editing and create any photo you want, including writing text on your photos in custom fonts. can do

1: Pictures can remove your background in arts and change.
2: Images can filter the image into art.
3: Blur the image.
4: In pictures art you can make flex.
5: There are two types of document editing you can do in Pictures Art.

2. Tollwiz

Create Ads or Banners Pixellab I’m #1 when it comes to photo editing Two Toolways is #1 even better than #1 You can do professional photo editing if you learn how to use it properly Professional Photo Editor is prohibited.

Asme Bit has amazing tools and effects available that you can use to edit your photo log just keep looking.

10. PixelLab

Pixxelllab is also called the Photoshop of Android, tools are available from Photoshop, with the help of which you can create ads, banners, thumbnails, etc. and do photo editing or graphic design as you wish.

Also you can easily change the background of any photo, is the photo editor app that I personally use, it’s a great app, you can also install custom fonts. It is the number 1 among all photo editing apps for Android. 

11.Photo Direction

12.Photo Mate R3


I hope you find the 10 best photo editors for Android quite passable and useful, you can download the apps absolutely free. Allah will remember Hafiz in prayers.


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