14+ Best Free SEO Tools – Increase Your Website Traffic

Free SEO Tools- To rank up any website or blog or get it on the first page of search engines, doing good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential, so you need some of the best tools for new bloggers. hot

This article has told me about the free SEO tools that will help you in SEO. These SEO tools are completely free of cost. I use them from the app Asan for my own or any client’s website / blog or blog post. ko can optimize and blogs make mistakes on me ko find and remove.

14 Best Free So Tools For 2022

1: Google Keyword Planner tool

This is a tool in Google AdWords that we can use to do keyword research, it is basically an advertising tool that is used by anyone to get ideas.
Asum App will tell you how many monthly searches the keyword is searching for, what the competition is (high, medium, low), and the lowest CPC bids from the advertiser’s journey. How much is less than and more than, the app will also show many more keywords similar to your keyword and you can choose from them.
Tip: If you want to rank up the app post quickly, always choose keywords that have less competition, because the app post will rank up quickly on it.

2: Google Analytics

Google analytics tool is very important to me, can I get information from live website traffic to on-all traffic. How much is the daily traffic and from which country or city, from which operating system and from which devices is the most traffic coming and bounce rate cut etc. This is an advanced tool that has been able to see the full extent of blog traffic.

3: Pagespeed Insights

The page speed of your website is slow or fast, it is possible to know with the help of this app is tool. There are many more tools, among them I often hate fake tools, this tool is from Google and it gives you better results.

Page Apd SEO I have a lot of gem protection if your blog’s page speed is slow, then your blog will never track when a user visits the apk site and it takes me a lot of time to load your page, the site is stolen by the user. To do this, someone will open the dory, the bounce rate of this app will increase and the ranking of your blog will go down. If the page loading speed of your blog is slow then it is necessary to increase it.

4: Mobile Friendly Test Tool

With the help of this tool, you can find out whether the AP site is mobile friendly or not. In today’s world, many people use the Internet on mobile devices, so the AP site should be responsive on mobile devices. There is a look. Be sure to use this tool to make the website responsible.

First click on the app link, put your website link here and click on test, some deer will show you the result.

5: Sight Liner

With the help of this tool, AP can check whether there are issues of duplicate content in your blog or I do not have any error in your blog, it will tell you all by itself in percentage, how much is unique content, common and How much is a duplicate?


It happens that the AP writes its own unique content 100% without copying the content from anywhere, even then there are issues of duplicate content that if I am sure then your site main similar link should be generated or one on one of your topic. Like a live post.

First of all scan your website in AP Tool. If there are any errors then please remove them and see if the site does not give me a lot of duplicate content, if there is, then check ap which post is there and kin is there when you get the answer of kin then ap asan solve it.

6: Seoquake

This is the best extension tool, just install it in your browser, it will show you all its SEO reports like backlinks, ranking, Alexa ranking, Facebook like, search on any website you open. And much more with Engine Indexing

7: Copyscape

This app will let you know if someone has copied your content, whoever might have copied your content, with the help of the tool, you will know, if someone has copied, the app will report to Google. Block the pillow. Apk Blog I don’t have duplicate content problem.

8: Samrush

It’s amazing tool to see competitor’s website organic search, backlinks, top keywords, ranking and display advertising. Are there more work features available but do I pay for some features?

9: Penguin

If the traffic of the website suddenly goes down, it means that the site may have been attacked by Google’s algorithm Penguin or Panda. With the help of the tool, one can easily detect whether the walkie-talkie is a Google algorithm attack or any other trick. This tool is connected with Google Analytics.

10: Search & Website Analysis

SEO and Website Analytics is a Chrome extension from Voranic that I have to install in my browser. Opening your or any website is to be analyzed with the help of the tool. It will give you a complete report of its SEO score out of 100, any errors etc.

11: View link checker

You can check the broken link with the help of the tool, saving the broken link is not good because every time the user opens the link, they get a 404 not found error, if there is a broken link in your blog, they To be repaired or removed.Otherwise, the ranking of your blog will be given.

12: Domain Authority Checker

The domain authority and page authority of this website can be checked. The more da pa the more the smzo site the bigger and more popular the site will be. Those blog sites whose da PA is good, they can easily get any post ranked.

13: Word Counter

It’s also basically for word count, the best thing about it is that it also tells you about keyword density and what percentage of your keywords are used in the article and how often. Before posting an article, you can paste the name of your article to know its word and keyword density. I use yahi tool to write articles.

14: Moonsy

Over 9 seo tools are available
1: Google Keyword Position Checker
2: Spam link checker
3: Check domain age
4: Alexa Rank checker
5: Semrush traffic checker
6: Domain to IP
7: DA PA checker
8: DMOZ directory checker
9: Semrush traffic checker
Google Keyword Position Checker is a tool that allows you to check your and your competitor’s ranking for any keyword that is showing up on Google Me.

First open the tool, enter your keyword like what is your post me target, put your site link below and click on keyword rank. If your post is in the first 100 results, it will show you the results

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