A SHO from Karachi driven me, he idea I become an vintage man and could collapse the steps and die.

But I will not die like this, I will die with those humans, tied to a chair for three hours after the arrest, no questions have been requested approximately the case

According to Sheikh Rasheed, an try was made to kill him after his arrest. According to details, the previous indoors minister and head of Pakistan Awami Muslim League made alarming revelations in a unique verbal exchange with Pakistan’s largest website Newstorch

The former federal minister stated that he stayed in his in-laws for 16 days, final time he gave an interview to Urdu Point, he become arrested after that, it still appears that the situation is heavy on me.
Regarding the incident of pushing, Sheikh Rasheed disclosed that the person who pushed after the arrest changed into the SHO of Karachi who became sent from there. I will give way and die, but I will now not die like this, I will die with these human beings.

The head of Pakistan Awami Muslim League discovered that when his arrest, he became tied to a chair for three hours, blindfolded, legs and arms tied to chairs, no questions have been asked approximately the case.

Sheikh Rasheed in addition said that that they had already given the passwords in their mobile telephones, at the same time as their homes were robbed. After Allah, the final wish is the Supreme Court, all the parties do now not need to maintain elections, handiest Sheikh Rasheed is aware of the end result. While on Monday the top of Awami Muslim League and previous federal indoors minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed even as talking to reporters under the duvet of the Supreme Court, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that the day gone by’s via-election has proved that they’ll run, all of the manner. They will go away this courtroom, they looted the united states of america, now they say they may make instances against the judges.
He stated that when Allah, the Supreme Court is the only one, the complete country is asking in the direction of the Supreme Court, the coffins of these thieves will pop out of this Supreme Court, the decision of the charter and the law will come from this building. The former federal minister said that Jail Bharu movement is a success, arrest is greater convenient, I had arrested, I am equipped to go to in-legal guidelines again, at one time Quaid-e-Azam was also in Congress, I became with Musharraf and I have notable admire for him. Did not help any bandit.
He stated that those human beings have best come to remedy their instances, thieves, robbers and robbers are making a bench. It is the choice of the Chief Justice as to which bench to make. Politics is his personal. Sheikh Rasheed said that one crore remote places gets the right to vote this week and the money launderers NAB selections may also come. Bilawal Bhutto changed into the first to carry an amendment against his father. Use the language against the Supreme Court. The former minister stated that I will combat the elections on the signal of the pen, while they are saying I will go to prison, the assemblies need to no longer be restored, elections should be held.

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