Accusations, apologies and causes are the remnants of Imran Khan’s politics, Maryam Aurangzeb

Imran Khan and Begum Bushra agreed on Bazdar because he turned into a device of corruption. Statement of the Minister of Information

Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Maryam Aurangzeb has stated that the allegations, apologies and causes are the remnants of Imran Khan’s politics. According to info, in a announcement on Twitter, he stated that Imran Khan and Begum Bushra agreed on Bazdar because he changed into a tool of corruption. Yes and foreign funding is plain evidence of Imran Khan’s crimes, now allegations, apologies and reasons Imran Sahib is leftover politics.
Earlier, PTI Chairman Imran Khan had said that Aleem Khan and Pervez Elahi had been not satisfied with each other’s name as Chief Minister. Apart from Usman Bazdar, different candidates had been no longer satisfied with each different’s name as Chief Minister. So unique small events maintain to blackmail.

He said that he could never best friend with the thieves, it’s miles higher to sit in competition than to sit down with the PPP, no backdoor contacts are happening via any external or inner pressure, folks that destroyed the countrywide financial system have misplaced Rs 1100 billion. Took NRO.

The former top minister stated that as many cucumbers as you want can be gathered and all the cucumbers will be made halal on July 17. If via-elections are rigged, the country will suffer. If they want to arrest me, I’m no longer afraid. Also sharing a document on Twitter, he said that the document once more explains why these criminal family mafias antagonistic EVM machines as shamefully biased and managed through the Election Commission.
Imran Khan said that a hundred thirty out of 163 approaches of rigging elections in Pakistan through EVM might had been removed however I am afraid that neither the PDM parties, that have excelled in the art of rigging for years, Nor does our establishment want unfastened and fair elections

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