Corona virus can also be transmitted from cats to human beings, studies indicates

A new look at at the corona virus has discovered that the corona virus may be transmitted from cats to human beings.

According to investigate published within the scientific magazine Nature, Thai scientists have proven that cats can transmit the corona virus to humans, as became the case with a veterinary health care professional who contracted a corona infection from a cat.

Research has shown that cats can’t best unfold the virus to different cats, however also can transmit the virus from cats to human beings.

However, such instances are uncommon, and for the first time because the Thai crew presented a case, cats had been introduced to the list of animals which have been infected with the virus. Can be a means of switch.

Researchers say that given the speedy spread of the worldwide epidemic during the last two years, the capability for the virus to unfold amongst animals and the near contact between people and cats, they have got realized this opportunity.

Marion Copemans, a virologist at Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam, says: What may be executed?

The evidence supplied within the take a look at is that of a veterinary health care professional wearing a face mask and gloves, and a 10-yr-antique cat.

In this case, a veterinary physician wearing a face masks and gloves was inflamed with the corona virus via a ten-year-old cat sneezing in his mouth.

The veterinarian become simply checking out the little cat’s corona and the cat sneezed into the general practitioner’s mouth. The veterinarian changed into sporting a face masks but his eyes had been open.
The cat’s corona test end result turned into advantageous, while the cat’s corona check earlier than the proprietor and his son also examined nice.

Only 3 days later, the doctor who tested the cat’s corona commenced to observe symptoms of the corona virus, and then the medical doctor’s corona take a look at got here back positive.

This case is evidence of the transmission of the corona virus from cats to human beings, due to the fact none of the humans the physician contacted in those days had corona, besides for the cat they tested for corona themselves

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