Corona Virus Misconception And Rumors About Corona

The Corona Virus Has Spread In Whole of The World Due To This Vast Spread It Is Important For Us To Work Collectively To Prevent The Virus From Spreading Further While You May Be Feeling Worried About How Is Stay Safe It Is Critical That This Disease Is Becoming a Stigma This Can Result In More Severe Health Problems And Difficulties Controlling Disease Outbreak Which

  • Prevent people from seeking health care immediately.
  • Discourage them from adopting healthy behaviours like maintaining the distance use of mask etc.

Misconceptions And Rumors About Corona 


  1. Corona virus can die in hot season or sitting under sun
  2. This virus is transferred from affected person to healthy person after the biting of mosquito
  3. Once the person affected by corona remains in this disease whole of the life
  4. The use of garlic can cure corona
  5. Use of the vaccine against pneumonia or flue can also provide safety against corona 
  6. The use of disinfectant like  on the can curve corona


  1. There is no effect of temperature on corona virus
  2. The virus of dengue or malaria is transferred from affected to healthy person through mosquito bite
  3. The patient of corona is recovered after sometime similarly that of flue or influenza 
  4. Garlic is a disinfectant but it cannot cure corona 
  5. Only complete corona vaccine can provide safety against corona 
  6. The virus of corona is entered through nose or mouth so the use of bleach on the body cannot curve corona

Your role to save other people from corona virus

Aware the people that covid 19 is not a stigma.tell the people that it is a viral disease and it can easily be cured by taking preventive measures and in case of emergency contact the doctor.

Preventive  Measures

  • Use mask properly outside the home 
  • If you feel my symptom of corona then contact the doctor
  • Don,t go to the house of corona patient.
  • Keep the distance of 6 feet from other person.
  • Wash and sanitize the regular used things like doors.Window handles floors and washroom .
  • Don,t go to the area of lock down.
  • Don,t go to the house of people who are in quarantine contact with the patient on phone.
  • If you are sick stay at home stay safe


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