Essential Apps for Mobile Blogging

The use of smartphone or mobile phone in blogging is now very much. There was a time when most people used to use computer or laptop for blogging. In today’s time, bloggers want to use such a simple method so that they can blog easily.
By the way, in such a situation, there is a need for necessary apps for blogging from Mobile or Blogging from SmartPhone. So today we will learn about some such important apps which are very important for mobile blogging.

Now since the use of SmartPhone is started in many places, it can also be used in Blogging. So let’s know that there are some important apps that you can use for blogging from SmartPhone. So without delay let’s start.
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Best Mobile Blogging Apps 2022
1. Blogging Platform Apps
2. Image Apps
3. Social Networking Apps
4. Traffic Analysis Apps
5. Note Apps

Best Mobile Blogging Apps 2022

Now let’s know which are the necessary apps for mobile blogging. I actually have divided them into some classes.

1. Blogging Platform Apps


The real owner of Blogger platform is Google, this platform is much easier to use than WordPress. But there are not many features in it compared to WordPress. It is a perfect platform for beginners, it also offers all the basic blogging features.


WordPress is a traditional platform that gives all styles of features that too for running a blog. In this platform, you are provided with the ability of a couple of plugins. You can use WordPress mobile app for mobile blogging.

2. Image apps

Let’s know which are the best Blogging Image Apps.


Canva is a very popular free online design tool which has been specifically designed for bloggers. By using it you can create professional looking Photoshop-quality graphic images, the best thing is that you can do all these things only in its free basic version.

In Canva, you get a lot of drag-and-drop functionality, so that you can change the size of the images and move the images, and you can also add many features.


A lot of bloggers use Pixlr because it gives you a lot of features for free. That’s why Pixlr is likewise taken into consideration a totally famous Photoshop opportunity.

These are completely free and non-designers can use them easily.

Photo Editor

Photo Editor is an app that permits you to edit photos the use of a cellphone and fasten them to your blog posts. With the help of this app, you can crop, edit and resize your photos, apart from this you can add effects, texts and drawings to them.

3. Social networking apps

Let’s know which are the best Blogging Social Networking Apps.


To engage more with your readers, you have to upload relevant posts with them from time to time on many popular social networks. . It is very difficult to stay active in all these social media platforms and post regularly.

In such a situation, Buffer can easily give you the solution to these problems. This is a totally beneficial webapp that permits you to synchronize all of your social community posts, so that you can mechanically publish to a specific inner.

4. Traffic Analysis Apps

Let’s know which are the best Blogging Traffic Analysis Apps.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very important tool by using which you can see the complete insights of your blog. There are some backend configurations that you have to do on your blog first, then Analytics functions in your blog, but it is very easy to set up in both WordPress and Blogger.

5. New apps

Let’s know which are the best Blogging Notes Apps.

The Evernote App

Evernote app can exchange the entire manner of organizing your notes. With its help you can do many tasks like notes, create to-do lists, save them.
This app also syncs the whole thing among your phone, pill, and pc robotically. This app could be very crucial for all bloggers.

Google Keep

Google Keep lets in you to add and shop your notes, photos and audio as properly. You can also organize them in line with your very own.


The Writer app provides you with a stripped-down word processor so that you can easily write an article without any distraction. It is mainly designed for the purpose of writing blog posts.


This app lets in you to put in writing thoughts for all of your blog posts. You can also write some important notes on it and sync them online

What did you learn today?

I hope that you must have liked this article of mine on the essential apps for blogging from mobile. I always try to provide readers with complete information about Mobile Blogging Apps in Hindi so that they don’t need to search for that article on other sites or on the internet.

This will also save their time and they will get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want some improvement in it then you can write low comments for it.
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