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hello friends Today I am going to tell you about an application that will be very useful for you if you are a cricket fan!

So this application is the fantasy code for you.
You can earn a lot of money by sitting at home and creating your own team. Friends, Sara’s conversations will be discussed in this article if you are looking for Kali on my website!

So remember this website never gives wrong opinion to anyone and I keep you updated.

How To Download Fantasy Squad Application

Friends, simply download the application from the link given by me, after downloading you will get ₹200 because it has a lot of earning from referral and you can use that ₹200.

₹100 I will get ₹200 you can share to your friends like this you will get ₹100 if you install this application and if your friend has friends you can also admin like this very awesome and amazing!

How To Login In Fantasy Squad

To login friend you need to have phone number and email id and you have to create your account by entering your password.

After creating there you will see four options profile ideal and there everything will show about application first friends as soon as you enter then the game will start.

How To Ad Money In Fantasy Squad

Friends, what you have to do is simple to not admin. Go inside your application, there you will see the profile option, click on it.

After clicking, you will be asked how much amount you want to add, so you have to write the amount there!

own Like ₹100 you want to add ₹100 flashlight! And click on add gas,

If you do, then it will ask for your payment method, then friends, send it to you after that.

He will be added to your wallet then you can earn more money by teaming him.

How To Make Team In Fantasy Squad

Friends, it is very easy to create a team in this application. As soon as you open your application, you will be told at the top

Create team button, friends, after clicking on it, you have to create your team, you have to add 11 members, you can add any member.

The result can come after 3 to 4 hours after you find the player good. He will show you there that your team wins,

You can win your team just by adding three to four rupees. Friends and three to four rupees. Can you make a double as well as you have to!

Are over 18 years old! You must download this written by us and enjoy it. Remember people who don’t have PAN card don’t download the application because PAN card is a must to get friends.


Friends, this application also does giveaways, such as if there is a big match, then there are thousands of rupees that sit for free to the players, you can also win if you become lucky!

So friends, there is a lot of benefit here if you are fond of big messages! If you don’t have fantasy then download this application as soon as possible and I have put the full video details at the very end.


So you can also watch the video and then you can place your money on fantasy and win your team!

How To Withdraw Money In Fantasy Squad

Friends, how do you withdraw your money! I tell you that. The first thing you have to do! You have to walk your talk!

If you have earned money, there you will be asked to verify your mail. Friends, you have to verify your mail.

After that you will get a mail on your email id for mail verification then you have to do it!

And it will ask pan card next step you have to upload pan card and enter details and lastly you have to enter your payment Danial!

After that now I can block your payment also without any problem if you face any problem then I can ask in all comment box.

Friends this application gives you ₹100 per referral, if you download Mere Ling Sahab then you are going to get ₹200.

And you can do it further like whoever downloads gets ₹200 and whoever gets it done gets ₹100!

The evening is going to be a lot of fun or download the application from the link I have given you in this article. Remember, friends, this application is only for entertainment purposes, it is addictive. If possible, you have to play on your own responsibility


How to play


Fantasy Squad is a fantasy sports platform and this platform provides you an opportunity to play fantasy cricket and fantasy football using your sports knowledge and skills. You can choose your own team made up of real players for cricket and football. You must build your team within the maximum allowed budget of 100 credits. Your team will earn points based on the performance of your chosen players in real-life matches. Yes, you feel the same adrenaline rush when your chosen player scores a century or a hat-trick. Sounds funny right?


This is the moment to really show the world what a great fantasy sports manager you are! Come play with us


All you have to do is follow these 5 simple steps to get going:

Step 1: Choose a match


Select any upcoming match from any current or upcoming cricket series

Step 2: Build your team


You have 100 credits available to build your own fantasy squad team using your sports knowledge and the opportunity to showcase your skills.


Step A: Match selection


First select any upcoming match from the list of ongoing and upcoming cricket series and then click on ‘Create Team’ button


Step B:- Team building


Create your fantasy squad team by choosing 11 players according to the combinations below (Combo 1, Combo 2, Combo 3 and so on…) in a budget of 100 credits.


Make any of the above combinations your XI base


Check player information by clicking on the player image and you also have the option to sort players by their team, credits or points.


Check the number of players added to your team, the remaining credits and of course the time limit of the game

Step C: Choosing your captain and vice-captain


After choosing your fantasy squad XI, you will need to choose your captain and vice-captain for your team.


Remember, the captain gets 2X the points he scored in the actual game and


Vice-Captain – Gets 1.5x the points he scored in the actual game


Step D: Create multiple teams


You have the option to create up to 6 teams per match and have the option to enter a tournament with any team you create!

Step E: Manage your team – Use the ‘Edit Team’ button


Make as many changes as you wish to your Fantasy Squad team by the match deadline using the “Edit Team” button on the page.


This feature also allows you to make multiple changes to your captain or vice-captain before the match deadline.


Keep track of which of your players are playing matches and keep your session updated at all times.


Step 3: Enter a contest


Join any Fantasy Squad Free or Cash Contest to win ultimate bragging rights or cash to show your improvement in Free/Skill Contest on Fantasy Squad!

Step 4: Follow the match


Watch real matches and track your fantasy scorecard (updated on an on-going basis) and celebrate the great performances of your chosen players.

Step 5: Withdraw your winnings

Import points

1. Join 20% Extra Cash on First Pay.

2. 2nd win Join me too in agriculture

3. Play fantasy and games and win real cash.


Friends, I have told you everything about this application, I hope that you have understood everything, if not, then you can ask a child in the comment box!

And let me tell you in advance that it can be addictive so you have to play it at your own risk, thank you.

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