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So friends, these days we are going to talk about the army game which has been launched on January 26, i.E. Pub G Mobile, that is a very vintage recreation!

But nevertheless his craze may be very a good deal many of the humans, so pals, it have to have come on your mind which of the video games is the quality between Pub G Mobile and Fauji.

If we speak about snap shots, if we speak about its gameplay and the entirety like Multiplayer, we’re going to speak about all these in this newsletter!

So all you need to do is read the entire article and I will tell you some records which can be very different in navy and navy cell!

Guys, if you have not downloaded the military game but, I will devour it once you down load it, due to the fact it’s far an Indian sport!

If you furthermore may want to further the gaming community of India then you definitely should download this recreation as this recreation has been released with the aid of Akshay Kumar Bollywood actor.

You can discover the biography of Akshay Kumar Inn on Wikipedia, which is a completely large actor, so you can also move and examine it. He has additionally released many superhit movies!

Friends, as you can recognise, right now Pub G is a cell ban in India, so its craze continues to be very excessive some of the people and Fauji has been released on January 26!

And as quickly because it was released, 24000 reviews got here. Within 1 minute, pals, from right here you can bet how massive its downloads might be. Friends, let’s talk about downloads, it isn’t always showing at the Play Store proper now!

As some distance as I realize, over one lakh were downloaded as 4.Five opinions have come.

From the Play Store, wager to any extent further how many tens of millions of people have reviewed the military game here, what will take place after some idea and information, the complete sport is in Hindi language!

And no extensive weapons have been used in this game. Like on one facet our pub is cell, it has rust. VIDEO DEKHE

There are grenades, there are pens, there are only and most effective poles that we Indians use! If there is a quarrel in a person’s residence you then have to have felt atypical after hearing this, however there may be a fact in each those video games

Fu-Gus vs Pubg Mobile

1. No guns or bombs had been used on this game!
2. This recreation belongs to India!
Three. This game has been released through world famous Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar!
4. Hindi language has been used on this game!
5. This recreation is 612 MB!
6. In this recreation, the uniform of Soldiers is of India!
7. There is simplest one outwit on this game that is stored with the aid of the navy


1. Guns and bombs have been used within the Pub G mobile game!
2. This recreation is from South Korea!
Three. The graphics of this game may be very high. It is a recreation with excessive HD photographs!
Four. In this sport English that Korean language became used!
5. This game is 2GB!
6. The full call of this recreation is PLAYER UNKNOWN BATTLEGROUND!

7. There are many clothes in this sport that we should purchase and study totally free

Also examine!

Guys this is the game that I have told you Fauji and Pub G Mobile so guys these two games are extraordinary but I actually have stated right here which recreation is Fauji vs Pubji Mobile which is right I mentioned it so I finished it in the above article Proved!

Which game is right is as much as you, which game you like and which cellphone you have got, wherein the sport works nicely and there may be no talk of demeaning any business enterprise here if you If you need to ask for a few money, you may ask in the remark container

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