Home Tour on YouTube is safe

It’s safe to watch it on YouTube

So friends, in today’s article, I will tell you that it is safe to do a home tour and make a complete video of your home and put it on YouTube! Or else, friends, if you have come to our keeper for the first time,

Let me let you know that we hold giving day by day updates on this internet site! Whenever there is any work update, we try to inform you first. Friends, I would like to say this much, please read this article completely, and then tell me in the comment section which post I should upload next, then friends, I will tell you. Home Tour on YouTube is safe!

Which is the first thing or not, that is! Security If a common man is doing a home tour of his own house and uploading it on YouTube, then it is not safe, because friends, let me tell you that some people can take advantage of it and your acquaintances can also take advantage of it. !

And people outside can also pick up, so what do you have to do if you have to make a video! So how to make it I will tell you in this article and friends you have to pay attention to one thing!

Never make a full video of your bedroom! That all your stuff stays like that! As it was before and when you make a video and upload it, it will be the same and never make a video of the entrance from your main door, just let your audience know that there is a bedroom here.

Here’s the way out! If you tell me like that, then it’s absolutely right, you don’t need to go into too much detail because some people are good too.

And something bad, I would like to tell you that you should be careful and do not post videos on YouTube without permission unless your parents agree with you, because now YouTube has become much stricter.

Compared to before, anyone who used to upload any video would have their video colored, now it’s not like that at all, YouTube has become very strict!

He keeps bringing us no term and condition! And keep updating our privacy and policy copy, that’s great.

But you will not like to make a video of your home and upload it, you may not understand what I am talking about. But yes, it is better if you do not make and upload videos of your home at all

If so, you can play video at home

!If you want to give your home tour! So you have to take care of two things. Don’t show photos of your main entrance, don’t show your roof and the last one. Don’t show off your bedroom, whatever else you can show off!

If you are in the wall, because friends, I also told you in the above paragraph that some people are good and some people are bad, this is the reason! That many people also delete the home tour video.

After making it because there is fear on them, that something might happen to them and someone comes to their house, even if it is your fan, but if someone comes to your house like that, you will not feel good at all and sign Anyone can come as

Red Clover

No, home tour on youtube is not safe because there are some disadvantages which are mentioned below:

1. You lose your personal information, eg your location, address, pin code.

2. Someone jealous of your success may give your information to the wrong person to the Income Tax Department, and someone may give your information to a thief or robber.

3. Uninvited people can disturb your peaceful environment and affect your routine.

4. After watching your videos and your lifestyle on youtube, people can create bad rumors and share them on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and many other platforms and because of this it can create a bad image of you. are

5. By house touring, people can find out what element in the house you hate and can’t live without.

6. Touring Your House Many people on YouTube give you unsolicited suggestions to improve your house, which you did not agree to.

7. After visiting your home, many people can imagine how easy it is to become famous on YouTube by providing some content, but they cannot see how much determination and hard work you put into your work to achieve this success

.The councils

So friends, in this article I have tried to tell you everything! And in this article I have tried to tell you some good things,

Because the times are not the same as before, friends, be alert, be vigilant and yes, share our website with your friends and we will also be very happy if you comment, then definitely comment. See you in the next post. Thanks for the up!

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