I will now not sit in negotiations with the government – Imran Khan’s express announcement

If there is a discussion, different individuals of the birthday celebration will do it and the discussion could be simplest at the point of election. Interview of Chairman PTI

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan has said that he’ll now not sit in negotiations with the authorities, if there are talks, then other contributors of the birthday celebration will do it, and if there are talks, they will handiest be at the factor of elections. In an interview with Urdu News, he stated that I do not want to take a seat with those people, our crew will sit down however it’s miles simplest about the election. Leave the huge talk of the Grand National Dialogue, first come to the election, which the law and the constitution says and if you can not hold the election, who must negotiate with whom, due to the fact at this factor the problem is set the election. .

The former top minister said that the most important difficulty of the usa in the intervening time is the election in ninety days, those 90 days are passing and the charter is being insulted, it’s miles being desecrated, if you do not comply with the constitution. After that, what’s the reason of the negotiations, if the elections aren’t held now, then the possibilities of preserving the elections in October are also much less. If it’s far, then if it’ll no longer manifest and if they go away right here, then why is it in October? Then you’ll say why subsequent 12 months? Then the effective will make the choice simplest then the election could be held.
In reaction to a question, Imran Khan alleged that Nawaz Sharif is at the back of the current division of Supreme Court judges and this is his vintage practice, he had earlier divided the Supreme Court in 1997, for his personal pursuits. So he divided the Supreme Court one hundred%, he’s giving statements at the back of it, his daughter is giving statements against the judges, who are folks who do no longer receive the selection, what is their status? The whole legal network of Pakistan knows that elections should be held in 90 days, you are saying that if it is going past ninety days, then the Supreme Court has to mention ninety days because it’s far in the charter, so who’re you to mention? That we do not accept as true with

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