Important measures and prescriptions for the prevention of pores and skin sicknesses

In addition to various end result and greens, the usage of cloves, mango kernels, ball leaves, etc. Is useful in lots of skin sicknesses. Below are a few useful suggestions in this regard.

Mix half of a teaspoon of Klonji, a teaspoon of olive oil and take it inside the morning, it may be blanketed from many pores and skin illnesses and the coloration of the face additionally turns crimson.
Klonji Fifty grams, grind the peel of spaghetti within the same weight and blend it with a hundred grams of honey. Store this mixture in a jar. Use one teaspoon every day inside the morning and in the afternoon and evening after meals Useful in lots of pores and skin sicknesses.
Grind a pinch of ginger in a lemon juice and drink it before consuming. It is useful in lots of skin illnesses.


Mix 8 spoons of rose liqueur, 4 spoons of lemon juice and four spoons of glycerin. It is useful to use this combination on the face in the morning and nighttime. Grind a bit honey in a lemon juice and dissolve it. Fill it and apply it on the affected location.
Drink a tumbler of sugarcane juice blended with half a cup of lemon or malt juice in the morning, it’s far useful in lots of skin sicknesses caused by blood disorders.

Drinking a pitcher of carrot juice each day is beneficial in infections and protects towards skin illnesses. It is also beneficial to drink a pitcher of carrot juice mixed with a tablespoon of honey.
Eating servings of malt day by day within the morning and night can guard towards many varieties of allergiesa


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