Introduction To Anatomy What is basic anatomy


Introduction To Anatomy


Anatomy is a branch of science that deals with the study of structure of plants and animals.

Human Anatomy

Human anatomy is the study of the structure of different parts and organs of the human body. word anatomy is a greek term.literally it means to cut up (ana=excessive or again +tomy=cutting).

Branches of Anatomy

Main branches of anatomy are

1.Gross Anatomy /Macroscopic Anatomy
2.Histology/Microcopic Anatomy
3.Embryology/Devepmental Anatomy

Introduction To Anatomy What is basic anatomy
Introduction To Anatomy What is basic anatomy

1.Gross Anatomy /Macroscopic Anatomy

it is branch of anatomy that deals with study of those body that can be distinguished with
naked eye

for studying gross anatomy human cadaver is dissected.

  • Diagrams
  • Specimens
  • Models
  • Video films
  • Cd,Dvd etc.

    There are procedures to examine gross anatomy

1.Regional Anatomy/Topographical anatomy
2.Systemic Anatoy /Systematic Anatomy

1.Regional Anatomy/Topographical anatomy

Study of anatomy of specific portion or region of human body is called regional anatomy.
Human body is divided into three main anatomical regions.

  • Head and Neck
  • Trunk
  • Limbs


trunk is the main part of human body to which head and neck and limbs are attached.
it is divided into three parts

  • An upper part called thorax
  • Middle part called abdomen
  • Lower part called pelvis


  • A pair of upper limbs/Force Limbs
  • A pair of lower limbs/Hind limbs
  • Upper limb has 4 parts arm force arm hand
  • Lower limb has 4 parts thigh leg foot

2.Systemic Anatomy /Systematic Anatomy

study of anatomy specific systems of body is called systemic anatomy a cardiovascular system nervous system etc.



the study of tissues with the help of microscope.

3.Embryology/Devepmental Anatomy

the study of embrylogy fetus is eaeed embryology.
Some other branches of anatomy

1.Surface Anatomy

study of relationships of deeper structure to the surface of the body heart lungs stomach blood vessels and nerves can be marked on skill surface.

2.Radiographic Anatomy

study of structure of human body by various imaging techniques. various imaging techniques are x rays ultrasound c.t scanning mri.

3.Applied Anatomy/Clinical Anatomy

Application of the knowledge of anatomy for the diagnosis and treatment diseases is called applied or clinical anatomy.

4.Functional Anatomy/Correlative Anatomy

correlation of the funtion of any organ or part of body with it structure called functional or correlative anatomy.

5.Comparative anatomy

comparison of the anatomy of human beings with that of other animals called comparative anatomy.

6.Surgical Anatomy

this branch of anatomy deals with study of those anatomical facts which of practical value to surgeons.


it is the study of development of abnormalities including their nature can and genetic basis e.g cleft palate.

Important of Anatomy


1.Knowledge of anatomy is important to understand function of structures organs systems of body.
2.Knowledge of anatomy is important to understand pathology
3.Knowledge of anatomy is important to examine a patient.
4.Knowledge of anatomy is important to surgeons for surgical operations.
5.Knowledge of embryyology is important to study congenital abnormalities and many childhood diseases.



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