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Jamshed Dasti, A Pakistani Politician and previous member of national meeting has recently stunned absolutely everyone along with his surprising wedding pictures. He changed into a member of country wide meeting from 2008 to 2018. He were given married in 2021 and now this yr is again coming up with some other wedding edition. He is referred to as a rebellious guy for doing positive dramatic acts. The satisfactory examplry changed into his stunt whilst he went on a donkey cart to submit his nomination papers

According to own family resources, Dasti might give the female Rs10000 in Haq Mehr. Sources said Dasti’s pals organized his marriage to Peshawar town-based totally family’s daughter.

The bride is a Bio-Chemistry graduate from Gomal University and Dasti will convey the bride home in March 2022.

Dasti is famous for his rebellious mindset and antics to reveal his affinity with the terrible from riding a donkey cart to take the regulation into fingers.

Previously, Former MNA Jamshed Dasti has tied his wedding plans to the PTI’s potential to manipulate inflation, pronouncing that he’s going to get married whilst the cutting-edge government leaves and inflation is managed.

Once the authorities leaves and inflation is controlled then I will get married,” stated Dasti. He brought that he cannot get married inside the current authorities’s tenure and requested human beings to wish that the authorities leaves.
He become also related to PPP and similar to other politicians stored changing his loyalties. His wedding ceremony images has taken the internet with the aid of hurricane and people are also coming up with a few hilarious comments. Jamshed Dasti 44 in advance married a female, a master’s in Biochemistry From Gomal University

Jamshed Dasti had to resign from his seat in country wide assembly for holding faux stages and he’s genuinely the handiest one, we have numerous politicians who’ve excelled in making people idiot with their ingenuity and faux files. Jamshed Dasti has definitely given a marvel and what approximately the sane wonder in next yr (Pun Intended). Well, those so-known as Awami folks just have their very own interests and it’s their pinnacle most priority.

People are extending their heartiest congratulations to this loving couple. The new bride appears to be much satisfied and of path, Dasti Sahab is happier. Hilarious remarks are making us chortle as someone asked him if it’s far his first wedding or a further one? Internet is totally reacting in the funniest way on his wedding. Here are a few photographs, have a glance

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