Leave the dad and mom stubborn, accept me and my husband

I am now not kidnapped and my mother and father recognize this from day one, admire my husband, prevent spreading fake rumors approximately me. Dua Zahra’s modern statement

Dua Zahra made any other attraction to her parents. Dua Zahra, who went from Karachi to Lahore and got married, stated that she did no longer need the sympathy of YouTubers. A clip of Dua Zahra’s latest interview is going viral on social media in which she may be heard saying stop telling all lies.
I do not need your sympathy, I recognise very well how lots you sympathize with me. Dua Zahra stated, “Respect my husband, stop spreading false rumors about me.” Addressing the mother and father, Dua stated, “Stop being stubborn and receive me and my husband.” My mother and father have recognized this when you consider that day one.

On the alternative hand, Mehdi Kazmi, the daddy of Dua Zahra, approached the courtroom to change the investigating officer of the case and said that he did now not trust the prevailing investigating officer. In the alleged kidnapping case of Dua Zahra inside the city courtroom, father Mehdi Kazmi filed a petition within the court for the trade of the investigating officer of the case.
Mehdi Kazmi’s legal professional Jibran Nasir filed a petition inside the District and Sessions Court, alleging that the attitude of the existing investigating officer turned into biased. Plaintiff Mehdi Kazmi and his circle of relatives did now not agree with the present day investigating officer. It was stated that the circle of relatives suspects that the investigating officer did now not present Dua Zahra for a check-as much as determine the age, the court should trouble orders to replace the investigating officer and hire a equipped officer.

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