Make up for the lack of bloood and simply blend these things in crimson yogurt like rose

How can you deal with anemia?


Children or adults. How can you deal with anemia? How can you deal with iron deficiency, anemia very quickly? And this can purpose such blood at the cheeks that you have that your cheeks will flip purple. Meaning will turn purple and crimson.

Let’s recognize what to apply? The first aspect you want to make it is yogurt. You should take yogurt in a small bowl and the other factor you need is raisin fruit. And the fruit strengthens the bones. It makes up for the shortage of blood. It strengthens bones and you already know raisins include fiber, antioxidants, calcium and plenty of other compounds.

You took approximately ten raisins. Take the fruit. And add it to the yogurt. And the other aspect you want is dried potatoes. You can easily locate one at a grocery save. You have to take approximately three potatoes, dried potatoes. They additionally make up for iron deficiency. And make up for the shortage of blood. Take out the potatoes. And put it inside the yogurt. The 1/3 thing you need is a date. You need to take any palm. No depend if it’s miles brown or brown, you could take it.

It is rich in protein and iron. Which is excellent for hemoglobin. Now you’re taking one date or take 3 dates, take out their stalks and positioned them in this curd. All you need to do now is blend it up well. Just like the shake is made, this yogurt shake is to be made.

It will become a paste. You peel this paste. If you want, you can positioned a little ice in it. You can hold it in the fridge and cool it a bit. Use it every day. . Your body will start to complete the dearth of blood. What are your cheeks? There will be redness for your cheeks. As that Pathan people have redness, how a whole lot love appears at the face, splendor can be at your rate.

People with diabetes need to now not use it, but people with high blood stress can use it. This is a completely effective treatment. And you could make up in your anemia very quickly through the usage of this treatment. Use it. You will get the great consequences

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