Noor Bukhari confirms remarriage with ex-husband

The actress remarried PTI leader Aun Chaudhry, who had shared a photograph with him some days ago.

Noor Bukhari has confirmed her remarriage to her ex-husband. The actress has remarried PTI chief Aun Chaudhry. A few days ago, she additionally shared a image with him. According to details, some sources on social media are claiming that actress Noor Bukhari has showed her remarriage to her ex-husband.
Noor Bukhari has confirmed that she has made PTI leader and her ex-husband Aun Chaudhry her spouse once more. Earlier in the day, Pakistani actress Noor Bukhari had known as her first husband Aun Chaudhry “my hero”. On a social networking web page, Noor Bukhari published a photo of her ex-husband Aun Chaudhry and expressed her love for the emojis with the aid of writing My Hero.

This put up via actress Noor Bukhari surprised the customers that perhaps actress Noor Bukhari desires to marry Aun Chaudhry again or has finished so. Aun Chaudhry’s sister Fariya wrote on Noor’s submit that could Allah guard her from evil eye
It ought to be mentioned that actress Noor had separated from the showbiz industry 2 years ago. A few days in the past, information approximately their fifth marriage began circulating.
Actress Noor had first of all denied the information. Actor Noor Bukhari, while expressing grief and anger over the information of his 5th marriage, had stated that he had stated goodbye to the showbiz years ago however he changed into nevertheless within the information. Do you have got some thing but to speak about my life?” He brought. However, it is now being said that actress Noor herself has showed that she has remarried her ex-husband Aun Chaudhry

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