The IMF is making us dance for ارب 1 billion

Our government did now not need to growth oil expenses, if we went to the polls, the matter could go to the caretaker government and the united states might default, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah addressed the rite.

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has said that the IMF is making us dance to our tune. We are in a debate for 1 1 billion. The country’s economy and law and order situation is not possible without political harmony. Political parties will not sit together. The problem will not be solved. Addressing a function in Islamabad, Rana Sanaullah slammed the opposition and said that the fate of the country had not changed in four years. He says he will do a long march, he will do it, he will do it, he says he will not leave so-and-so, he will not leave so-and-so, he said that such statements are a cause of destruction for nations, until all people sit together. The country cannot move forward.

Rana Sanaullah said that to save the country from bankruptcy, this was the moment for which it had to be done. It was said that an agreement has to be reached with the IMF at all costs. If we go to the polls, the matter would go to the caretaker government and the country would go to default. We did our best not to raise the price of oil.
It is to be noted that Finance Minister Muftah Ismail said yesterday that I have taken a concession from the lender on the agreement reached with the IMF by the The fact is that the prices of petroleum products have risen so much all over the world that we can’t afford to lose it. If we want, we can sell petrol cheaply for two months, but then the dollar will run out, then go bankrupt. Will go the way Sri Lanka chose this thing.
When asked when the agreement with the IMF will be finalized, Muftah Ismail replied that the IMF has sent us the Memorandum of Economic and Fiscal Policy (MEFP) under which the agreement is to be reached. He said that under the IMF agreement, part of the energy has been sent to the power division, petroleum has been handed over to the concerned ministry and similarly the areas from which taxes are to be levied have been handed over to these subordinate ministries and now soon. Only an agreement will be reached because the difficult situation has come out of it

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