What is environment and its types


The environment or situations in which a man or woman. Animal or plant lives or operates is called environment.
At this stage we can mention three kinds of are matched to too much water environments Natural, industrial and social level of groun: environment

Types Of Environment

Types Of Environment


Natural Environment:

.  It includes water light, we get money land, air and all organisms that live in nature.

Industrial Environment.

This term is used to But we describe working conditions. It includes trees only f warehouse, plants, manufacturing or fabrication promote ero: facilities.

Social Environment:

Composition of families is We sh an example of social environment. Social of trees tha environment consists of the customs and permission traditions of the society in which business is
should he existing. It includes the standard of living taste,
institutions preference and education level of people living in
Tree the society where business exists


Importance of Environment Healthy

take in th ecosystems clean our water purify Our air, maintain our soil, regulate the climate, recycle
and give nutrients and provide us with food. They provide breathe raw materials and resources for medicines and eroded other purposes. They are at the foundation of all Tre civilization and sustain our economies.


promote Pollution:

Air pollution can cause a variety of for our environment effects. Acid rain contains harmful part of amounts of nitric and sulphuric acids. Acid rain trees as can damage lakes, ponds, rivers, and soils. It also green a can damage wild life and forests

. Man-made Environment:

It is the environment created by humans. It includes permanent human settlements like villages, town, cities and transport Education and communication facilities, besides various recog other communities.


power Clean Environment:

It is one that is void of any help form of pollution and its effect. Basically it is a
Healthy and safe environment where clean air clean water and clean energy are available

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