What is the most important etiquette rule

Belonging Personal Etiquette


Etiquette has  a great importance in our life your personal etiquette

Gives you respect because you always give respect to others.

Say them ;thank you;when you take something and when someone 

Demands something you say you are welcome .sometimes you give

Compliments when someone does something good or even not well

But you encourage hin and your this gesture gives others a hope of 

Confidence to do good next time and your compliments for others on 

Taking and giving gifts make you respectful. 


When you speak someone you should listen to other not show arrogance

And you should speak with kindness and caution .

The etiquette makes you prominent and respectful .


Rules of Etiquette


  • Say thank you
  • Give genuine compliments.
  • Dont;t be boastful arrogant or loud
  • Listen before speaking .
  • Speak with kindness and caution.
  • Do not criticize or complain
  • Be punctual.
  • Saying please and thank you.it shows gratitude for the things other do for you
  • Making introductions.
  • Covering your mouth while you sneeze or cough.
  • Not picking your nose in public.
  • Greeting visitors and say goodbye to them.
  • Asking for things instead of reaching for them.
  • Knocking at doors before entering a room.


Purpose Of Etiquette


Etiquette makes people secure and comfy it indicates that we cost and admire others.


Etiquette promotes kindness consideration and humility .etiquette gives the confidence to deal

With different situation in life it gives us life skills.

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