Which dramas managed to win people’s hearts in the year 2022?

Due to the plethora of private channels, numerous drama serials are aired every year but only a few manage to make their way into the hearts of the people.
This year also many dramas started and many ended but some broke popularity records and some failed to gain recognition.
Among the dramas that went on air in 2022 are Badshah Begum, Mere Hum Safar Nehar, Vaishi, Bawal, Meri Princess, Genif Aahan, Kesi Teri Selfishi, Prastan O Pagal Si, Destiny, Dil Zaar Zaar, Fraud, Ek Satam and, Moons are noteworthy.
In this crowd of dramas, among the five dramas that gained a lot of popularity, the drama serial Sing Mah stood at the first place.
Produced by Momina Dared, the play was written by Mustafa Afridi and directed by Safi Hasan. The cast includes Hania Aamir, Kabra Khan, Sania Saeed, Umair Rana and Nauman Ejaz. Importantly, this drama also saw Atif Aslam acting on the small screen. This drama was not only unique in terms of its subject, but also the acting of Nauman Ejaz and Atif Aslam in it made the audience its audience.
The second best drama went to ‘Zinf Aahan’ whose cast includes Sajal Ali, Kabra Khan, Yamuna Zaidi, Ramsha Khan, Saira Yusuf, Shahryram Manor, Dinanirambeen, Usman Mukhtar, Asim Azhar and Meerab Ali.
It evolved into ISPR and Six Sigma production. Director Nadeem Baig has won the hearts of the audience by directing in an excellent style and Umira Ahmed has written the story in a perfect style. Tik Tokker Dananir Muneeb also acted in this drama.
This large cast drama paid tribute to the military women and showed that our women are no less. They also stand side by side with men to protect their country.
The third place was Ramazan Special’s drama ‘Prastan’ whose cast includes Meera Sethi, Mirab Ali, Arsalan Naseer, Ali Safina, Junaid Jamshed Khan and Ayman Saleem. The play is directed by Ali Hassan and written by Samra Bukhari.
The drama ‘Dil Awiz’ also became very popular among the viewers. The cast includes the names of Kinza Hashmi, Affan Waheed, Sammy Raheel, Fazila Qazi and Ayesha Gul and others.
The comedy-drama ‘Chaudhry and Sons’ was also very popular, the cast of which included Imran Ashraf, Ayeza Khan, Sohail Ahmed, Noorul Hassan and Asma Abbas and others. Sohail Ahmed was seen entertaining the audience as usual while Ayeza Khan and Imran Ashraf also lived up to the expectations of their fans.

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