Write Article In Android Without Typing

So pals, a number of human beings have a query in their mind, how can we write an article! Without typing anything, friends, I am going to tell you, how can you do it!

And you will no longer need to shop for whatever, you may find the entirety to your Android phone, buddies, how do you write? This is a totally particular technique without typing the object


,Which very few humans recognize, if you don’t know then in this newsletter I will let you know inside the article I am going to inform you techniques! One can download a toll, the alternative you can down load without a toll, my name is pals!

Himanshu himself you have got clicked on this internet site! This is a Daily Update website. Which keeps you exposed to new things! Guys if you need to recognize! How to write down,

Without typing the item, I will truely study the complete article and that’s what I am writing within the article! That too I am writing from voice typing, yes pals you study exactly what you are looking at the article,

Or analyzing! Let me let you know, I am writing this newsletter by voice typing, I write it like this in all the articles, as it makes the paintings a great deal simpler! And my time is an excessive amount of,

And its a special element! As a good deal as we need to write down all this right away, without any problem, pals, you could also use Google Board! This is Google Keyboard! You can also use it,

And secondly anything keyboard you have for your mobile! There might be a mic button in which you may click, and talk! But if you haven’t downloaded Google Keyboard!

And in case you are typing along with your easy keyboard, you can have a bit problem! I need to tell you, Google Keyboard is a satisfactory !

Which assist you to, even in spelling errors and in voice typing, so permit’s start pals

Gboard Is Safe For Blogger & WordPress

Guys in case you use Google Keyboard, if you have any such component in thoughts, that if you write articles on Blogger! Voice typing will be considered incorrect and trans will now not be considered in any respect!

You can write articles here the use of G-Board! And you won’t have any problem because I do it myself!

And all my articles turn out to be colorations too! If your articles aren’t getting rank and index then you could see on my vintage post! I have advised you plenty! And from there you may acquire understanding,

And you could nevertheless inform your friends the way to do it, sure buddies Google Keyboard is very safe! And you have got not anything to worry about!

You can write articles on World Press and Blogger with the aid of voice typing! You won’t should fear approximately something due to the fact I write myself

How To Use Gboard

Guys, provide this keyboard a brief call, it’s miles to be had at the Play Store underneath the call of G-Board! And from there you could down load it! Or simply 23 Mb!

And will let you lots, it has over 8 billion downloads on the Play Store! And this cream use is eight million plus!

Four.5 From here you may guess! How right this application may be and what kind of it’ll assist you to paintings due to the fact friends can write it thoroughly with none spelling errors we talk!

You do not even need earphones in this, now let me inform you! How do you operate vodka? The first step is to down load this utility from Playstore,

Then as quickly as it’s miles downloaded, click on the software and there you may be requested for a desire by using the individual outdoor you, in case you need to pick the language, you could try this,

And as soon as you switch on the settings your keyboard will develop into a keyboard after which how do you turn on voice typing!

The area button you’ve got! From in which we supply area, you have to press and preserve it, and your voice typing might be turned on and you can choose the language!

If you communicate in Hindi, it will likely be converted to English and can be transformed into many languages! As you want us to do in Hindi, I do no longer have any trouble

Can We Use Voice Typing In IOS

Guys you could additionally use this application to your iPhone, it is suitable for both! Guys you will find it at the Play Store and at the App Store inside the iPhone you simply must seek!

As quickly as you do Gboard, Google’s Keyboard will come up, then you could download and use it, as I even have advised you in the above paragraph.

How to write an article on Blogger with voice typing

Guys if you need to jot down an article on Blogger, however you appear to keep time! There is no want to take anxiety in typing, pals, even with boss typing, you could write articles on Blogger!

And no longer an excessive amount of in addition to I advised you inside the article above! That you may write articles at home the usage of the G-board,

And that too virtually free with out spending any cash. Friends, people used to use Microsoft Excel first!

And there you used to do voice typing the usage of the mic button, however with the assist of G-Board you do Madrasa articles at the keyboard on Blogger!

All you need to do is talk! You can say this kind of long paragraph or now not, and after that your entire articles will be prepared in the holidays then you need to placed a dot!

After that you simply should deliver the heading nicely and positioned the dot, the comic story article will be geared up as I actually have now not written the whole article.


In Santosh article I actually have instructed you how to write a piece of writing! Badani has tried this with the assist of voice typing! I mean,

That you need to have understood if you have any trouble! So you could app from me inside the comment container, and also mail to my mail identity!

I concept Cain has placed up curtains, friends there if you have come to my Rabb Sad for the primary time! So of direction you need to percentage this post! You also can court docket June with friends that you have new updates, you can meet Sad! Thank you

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