Which is the most historical place in Pakistan

Historical Places

Historical places reflect the past traditions and culture.Every country preserves these  places and promotions their importance.

Pakistan has many such please around the country .people vist these places and learn about the history design and arts of these places.

Harappa mohanjo daro shalimar garden the badshahi masjid the lahore fort hirn minar qila rahtas the jahangir tomb makli necropolis etc.

These places reflect the history about the tradition and culture of those people who can lived there and their costume articles art and tools tell us about their skill and living styles

Historical Places


Which is the most historical place in Pakistan

following are few historical places 


this archaeological site in taxila provides evidence of how ancient civilization branched out from the original indus valley civilization

Takht Bahi

These remnants of buddhist settlements and monasteries are from the gandhara area of pakistan

Tomb of jahangir

Located in shahdara suburban lahore jahangirs son shah jahan had his mausoleum constructed alongside the banks of the ravi river.


Wazir Khan Masjid

this place of worship was built by sheikh llumud din ansari the viceroy of punjab under shah jahan in 1634 it was built over the course of seven years.


Noor Mahal Bahawalpur

this one hundred and fifty years old place in `bahawalpur was built by nawab subah saqiq muhammad khan iv for his wife.


Begum Shahi Masjid 

it is known as the mother  of all masjids the begum shahi masjid was built between 1611 and 1614 under emperor jahangir in honor of his mother mariam mamani.




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